3rd party reselling rights to your residuals

Time and again we hear the horror stories about an agent who wants to sell part, or even all, his portfolio.  Except, he can’t. Simpay honors your rights and ownership. Does your current ISO?
Cash Me Out!?

At some point in your life,
you’re going to want to cash out.

  • You want to retire
  • You decide to change jobs
  • You need cash for a house down payment or college tuition 
  • Or you just want out

So you call your ISO and give them the “heads up.” And then you hear “No. Sorry.  You can’t do that.”

What?  How’s that possible?  You own your residuals!  Well, maybe not.  

Check the “fine print” of your ISO contract again.

Did you notice whether you maintained your right to sell your residuals to a third party?

We figure maybe 80% of agents do NOT have the right to shop their portfolio if they decide to cash out.  Oh, you may have the option to sell the residuals to the ISO, but you’ll have to accept whatever they’re willing to pay.  And who knows if it’ll be equal to the fair market value. You’re stuck with a single bid.  Not good.

When you partner with Simpay,

You keep your RIGHT to SELL your residuals
to WHOEVER you want for HOWEVER MUCH you can get!

It’s your money.  Simpay respects that.  Always.

To WHOEVER you want for
HOWEVER MUCH you can get!

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