Partnership Made Simple

Let’s grow together. We’ll combine our solutions and your entrepreneurial drive to build a strong, transparent, profitable partnership.

Partnering with Simpay

We began as a credit card processing company in 2000. Our vision was to build a business focused on offering small and medium-sized businesses across North America impeccable customer care and exceptional products.

As our business thrived, we began developing strategic partnerships. We knew our success depended on providing the same exceptional level of transparency, fairness, and quality to our partners as we delivered to tens of thousands of small and medium sized businesses every day.

That’s our commitment to you, our partners. Through innovative back-office solutions, emerging payment technologies, marketing support, access to our sales & distribution channels, outstanding compensation, and the unparalleled support of our executive leadership team, we’ll work together and build a program that guarantees your success.

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Total Business Solutions

Today’s marketplace is more complex than ever. Business owners are relying on their trusted partners to deliver an expanding variety of products and services which meet their business needs and provide exceptional value.

When you partner with Simpay, your customers get access to a whole suite of best-in-class programs developed to simplify their day-to-day operations, save time, and increase profits.

Steps to success

Our process is simple. We’ll start with a conversation and learn more about what you’re looking for in a partner. Whether you’re looking for a trusted home to place a few merchants, migrating an entire portfolio, or building a complete sales organization, we’ve got you covered.
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