Building Your Sales Organization Made Simple

Are you ready to take your sales office to the next level? Simpay can help

Next Level Partnership

Simpay’s VIP Office program is unique in the payment solutions space.

Higher residual splits, dedicated 1:1 Relationship Manager, and access to additional programs.

We’ll help you build a thriving sales organization, provide full marketing support, and give you access to our entire back office.

As always, you’re fully vested from day one and keep the rights to your residuals.

Why partner with Simpay?

Simpay is a trusted solutions provider for Independent Sales Offices and Independent Sales Partners across North America. We partner with industry veterans, sales professionals just starting out, and people with a keen entrepreneurial spirit who recognize a great opportunity when they see one.

Simpay began life as Alpha Card Services on October 24, 2000. Our only product line at the time was credit card processing. Our founder, Laz Kalemis, called on a hundred businesses a day and wouldn’t stop working until he’d made at least one sale. He practically lived out of his car, worked sixteen-hour days, and drove from town to town making sales calls and installing terminals. He knows what it means to grind every day to make your dreams become a reality.

More than two decades later, Simpay employs over a hundred people, some based at our Pennsylvania headquarters, others spread across the U.S and Canada.

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What makes Simpay different?

Besides a great compensation package with generous residuals and multiple per account bonuses, we stand by our commitment to be your true partner. We have a vested interest in your continued success and our entire ISO/ISP program reflects that.

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Total Business Solutions

Today’s marketplace is more complex than ever. Business owners are relying on their trusted partners to deliver an expanding variety of products and services which meet their business needs and provide exceptional value.

When you partner with Simpay, your clients get access to a whole suite of best-in-class programs developed to simplify their day-to-day operations, save time, and increase profits.

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Steps to success

Our process is simple. We’ll start with a conversation and learn more about what you’re looking for in a partner. Whether you’re looking for a trusted home to place a few merchants, migrating an entire portfolio, or building a complete sales organization, we’ve got you covered.
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