Our Values & Your Future

Honesty.  Authenticity.  Flexibility.

Transparency.  Trust.  Reliability.

Knowledge.  Compassion.  Approachability.

Our Path

Simpay began life as Alpha Card Services, LLC on October 24, 2000,  Our only product line at the time was credit card processing.  Our founder, Laz Kalemis, called on a 100 businesses daily.  He lived out of his car 16 hours a day, driving from town to town to make those calls. After 5 years, he had created a thriving business with a team of operations, service, and sales people.

Over time, Alpha Card added new services (e.g. POS systems and Payroll Management) to expand the solutions it could offer merchants, always with an eye to what would help them simplify their work, improve cash flow, and grow their business.

In 2017, we changed our company name to Simpay, to better reflect our expanded product line and to better express our mission.

Your Future

Simpay continues to innovate new solutions for a range of business needs.  We’re leaders in the Single Platform sales model. Agents partnering with Simpay can choose to sell one, two, or even all 9 of our products.  Whatever works for you.

Remember, the more products you can place with a client . . . the more likely they will stick with you “forever.”  And the more money you make, year after year after year.

By partnering with Simpay, you build the financial future you want.

By partnering with Simpay, you build the financial future you want.


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