How Simpay
Starts You Off

Once approved, new agents flow
immediately into the Simpay agent success program!

First Step

A short orientation to our online application.

It’s easy to complete and it speeds up Underwriting’s turnaround time a lot, so your merchant is approved more quickly.

Next, you’ll receive your . . .

Sales Flyer Kit

  • 7 different sales flyers
  • 4 ‘success stories’ of merchants delighted by Simpay’s services and why
  • 1 special report for merchant about how to fight chargeback fraud

ALL with a slot where you put your name and contact info!
Your prospects call you, not us.

Success as a Service

We are here for you

During your first 90 days as a Simpay agent, your dedicated agent advisor will share “how it works” events and training, sales tips, and serve as a sounding board about what is and is not working for you in the field as you ramp up your Simpay product work.

Simpay believes in you and invests in you!

The best way for us to succeed is to make you wildly successful with our products and services.  So, whatever you need, just ask. We’ll do our best to make it happen.

Let’s get started!
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