Outstanding tech support keeps me here.
For 10 years now.

David’s Story

Imagine waiting up to 30 minutes just to get through to someone at tech support.  Ridiculous, right? Well that’s what David Hanlin of Merchant Services Mobile was actually living with back in 2009.

“It was unbelievable how bad that company’s tech support had gotten,” David recalls.  “It started out fine, but boy did it go downhill.”

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Something had to change. David couldn’t take proper care of his clients with that kind of back-up.

One day, he saw an ad for Simpay that said “zero hold times.”  That got his attention, so he called to see if that was for real or not.  

David spoke with Simpay’s Robert Heinrich who confirmed “yes, that really is our business model.”  So David decided to give Simpay a try.

Ten years later, David still works with Simpay. “It’s not always zero, but they do answer fast!” he says.

Though occasionally there’s that rare bump in the road (no one’s perfect!), David affirms that Simpay is always on top of all things tech. For David Hanlin, it’s all about the service.  He loves his clients and Simpay helps him take good care of them.  For 10 years now, and counting.
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