It’s About the Guys Running the Company.

Jimmy’s Story

Jimmy Thom’s been in the payments business since 2005.  He chose this line of work because it gave him the flexibility he wanted so he could spend time with his family, be a wrestling coach (his passion), and have a full, balanced life.

Like most agents, Jimmy’s worked with a few different ISO partners over his career.  Some years back, the company he’d been working with made several debatable moves with his accounts and their relationship ended.  Badly. The experience left a deep scar on Jimmy’s view of his world. He did not know who to trust or how he could protect himself from going through that again.

At some point, Jimmy began talking with the team at Simpay.  He had a lot of questions and a lot of hesitation. There was no way he wanted a repeat of his most recent ISO experience.  So, he took his time. Actually, he took nearly 8 months. He kept grilling Simpay and asking lots of “what if” and “how do we make sure . . . “ questions.  And every time, Simpay answered and shared specifics of how they could build a partnership that Jimmy could trust.

The Simpay team’s patience and willingness to answer ALL his concerns with specifics earned Jimmy’s confidence, and he signed with Simpay.

Over the last several years, Jimmy’s grown his business with Simpay.

“One of the things I love about Simpay,” says Jimmy, “is that I can get a hold of anybody in the company whenever I need to.  That goes from the CEO to Robert [VP Agent Sales] to Tech Support to Shipping. Doesn’t matter who or when. I get through. And I get answers.”

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Not only that, Jimmy appreciates that Simpay does a good job communicating any rate changes or policy changes that come up.  They explain what the networks and processors are doing and why, so he can explain things to his clients. Plus if he needs extra information about the situation, he can get it.

Any ISO can offer what “looks” like a terrific Schedule A.  But when it comes to fulfilling their promises, well that’s when you have to rely on the people you’re doing business with, not just the words on the paper.  For Jimmy Thom, the people at Simpay have kept their word and delivered as promised.

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