Deal Volume Up 300% Since Switching to Simpay.

Laigle Business Group’s Story

Laigle Business Group sells card processing to restaurants of all kinds. But they do it in a unique way. Their core product is an online ordering platform. When a restaurant has its own online ordering and delivery system, it can cut out the DoorDashes and GrubHubs and make a lot more money. As you can imagine, this type of solution is very hot right now.

To increase customer “stickiness” and have a second revenue stream, Laigle Business Group sells card processing with each online ordering installation.

They had a problem though. Their previous ISO partner was letting them down in a number of areas.

The biggest issue was their underwriters’ approach. They had super rigid guidelines and rejected perfectly good accounts. They did not work with Laigle to explain what could be changed so they’d be approved either. Because of this lousy approval rate, Laigle’s sales agents started taking their deals elsewhere. Laigle was losing out on a lot of revenue. This had to change.

Underwriting Works with Us to Approve Deals

“Since we switched to Simpay,” says co-owner Mike Laigle Jr, “our deal approval rate has skyrocketed over 300%! Simpay’s underwriters talk with us all the time about what we need to do to get the app approved. They help us close deals!”

The can-do attitude of Simpay’s underwriting team was just one of several critical factors that moved Laigle Business Group to partner with Simpay.

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Simpay Bent Over Backwards to Adjust to our Business Needs

“We also have unique payout needs,” shares Mike. “We had a lot of special requirements for our Schedule A that our next ISO partner would need to meet. Our goal was to make the change in ISO partners as seamless as we could for our sales team.”

When negotiating with Simpay, Mike laid out all the specifics. After conversation and research, Simpay came back to Mike with a customized Schedule A to meet all their needs.

“What totally impressed me was not only did Simpay provide the terms we needed, they understood why we needed them and even agreed to run our bonuses separately to meet our need-by date,” offers Mike. “This created more work for them, but Simpay did it because we needed it. That’s impressive.”

A Bulldog for a Relationship Manager​

No one can screen for this when searching for an ISO partner, but one of the awesome facts of their new partnership with Simpay is that Laigle Business Group is working with Melissa as their Relationship Manager.

“It is amazing how hard Melissa works for us,” Mike tells us. “She answers tech questions, does product training, and provides sales support, whatever it takes to help us close a deal. She’s like an extra teammate, sitting right there on the goal line, helping us push the deal into the end zone.”

Tech Support When We Need It​

Inconsistent and unavailable tech support at their previous ISO was another sore spot for Laigle Business Group. With their previous partner, tech support was limited to “standard” business hours. Boy, does that present problems when your clients are restaurants and pubs. Can you imagine a client having a technical issue during the dinner rush or on the weekend and not being able to get any help?

That all changed, though, when Laigle Business Group switched to Simpay. Mike says it’s awesome to call tech support now, at 10pm for instance, and have someone pick up who knows what they’re doing.

Laigle’s Plan for the Future

In their search for a true ISO partner, Laigle Business Group had several issues they needed to address.

“When we began our search, our ‘must-haves’ included a better underwriting partnership, tech support available when our clients needed them, flexibility to meet our Schedule A requirements, and the attitude that we would be true partners,” recaps Mike. “With Simpay, we got it all.”

With a robust ISO team in place, Laigle Business Group plans to increase its deal count another 500% over the coming years. “We’re excited about our future,” says Mike. “We have a great product, a terrific sales team, and a solid partner in Simpay to back us up. It’s going to be awesome!”

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