How Simpay Earns My Loyalty Every Day.

Sam’s Story

After 10+ years of lousy experiences with ISOs of all types, Sam Li, owner of Rebel Services in California, has narrowed down his ISO partner selection criteria to 3 key items –

  • Internally organized
  • Outstanding tech support
  • High splits and low buy rates 

Sam has been burned by multiple so-called partners in the past.  Companies who kept his money, changed terms without notice, and offered lousy tech support.  They messed with his revenue and they screwed up his clients.

No more.

About 2 years ago, Sam began talking with a Simpay agent recruiter.  He wasn’t looking to start with yet another ISO, but there was something different about Simpay.  “The Simpay rep was so upbeat and excited,” says Sam. “Knew her stuff, too. What a great combination!”  Simpay was a company Sam felt he could work with.  

So Sam listened to the Simpay approach to partnering with agents.  And what he heard impressed him. It was incredibly refreshing to speak with an ISO who did not dance around a question.  And one who brought up several smaller things he hadn’t been aware of, all of which made a difference to his bottom line. He was also impressed by Simpay’s very short hold times for tech support (Sam tested response times repeatedly while evaluating the company).

When Sam was satisfied that Simpay was worthy of his trust, he signed up.  And he hasn’t looked back.


Another thing that really popped out for Sam was Simpay’s interest in him.  “Everyone at Simpay wants me to succeed,” Sam says. “I tested this out. Once I called with a question when this guy was in a meeting.  But this person stepped out of his meeting, helped me with my situation, and then went back to his meeting. Wow!”

For Sam Li, it’s the quality of the company that drives his partner decisions nowadays.  Pick the right partner and the money will follow. High caliber people performing at the top of their game.  That’s why Sam works with Simpay.

If partnering with a responsive, supportive ISO matters to you, contact Simpay at:
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