Even at midnight, Simpay answers their phones.

Sushil’s Story

Sushil Sharma has hundreds of merchant clients throughout the pacific northwest. 

Like many agents, Sushil does his own front-line tech support.  When a client calls for help, they’re counting on him to fix the problem ASAP.  And if he can’t figure out the issue, he needs help. Fast.

“This is a service industry,” Sushil says.  “And if you can’t service your clients well, you don’t belong in this business.”

For Sushil, it’s critical that his ISO partner can answer his tech questions quickly, accurately, and during a wide range of extended business hours.


With other ISOs, Sushil has experienced long hold times and a poorly prepared after-hours answering service that took over as early as 6pm!  Not so with Simpay.

Sushil loves the fact that when he calls Simpay with a tech question, he gets through right away.  And if he calls “after hours,” he can still reach a Simpay tech and not a generic call center.

Once, Sushil had a client needing high level help and it was nearly 12midnight where Simpay is located.  He texted a Simpay Team Leader to see if he could receive a call rather than waiting for the escalation to occur in the morning.  He said “yes,” and they solved the problem that night.

Fast, easy access to tech support is critical to Sushil’s success.  By working with Simpay, Sushil can give his clients the attention and support they need.

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